Social Media

What is social media?

Social media, at the most elemental level, is interactive web based communities where people, brands and businesses all interact with each other.

Why do I need a social media presence?

As a brand, listening to your customers when they are talking about you online is key for many reasons. Are they talking about what a great brand you are? Are they talking about how they have had issues with your brand? Either way, you should be interacting with them. Even a negative experience with a brand can turn into positive rave reviews if handled correctly.

With more and more consumers taking to Facebook and Twitter with their brand conversations, you should be there to hear what they say and interact with them.

I have a Facebook page up, isn’t that enough?

It’s a start! But how often are you engaging with your fans? How often are you sending offers and updates to them? If your fans are the only ones interacting, you need to. Don’t let your fan base go ignored – or get stale on your brand. Communicate with them. It’s about the conversation, not just the presence.