Imagine being able to market directly to consumers that have already shown an interest in your brand. People that have already visited your website, but have not yet converted into a sale, or a lead. Staying in front of that consumer leaves your brand and your message fresh in the consumer’s mind as they are comparing other brands. With remarketing, you are able to do just that.

There are several options with remarketing, or retargeting. The most common and simplistic way is through Google remarketing. By carefully coding your website, you are able to remarket to individuals based on their behavior on your website. By building custom audience segmentation, you are able to serve specialized creative variations with compelling offers to very specific groups of consumers. Once the consumer does come back your your site, you are also able to exclude them from the advertising, if you wish.

Effective Edge Media can help provide you with a remarketing strategy that is tailored for your brand based on your website and your goals. Fully focused on ROI, or branding, depending on your overall goals.

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