Custom WordPress Website Development

Effective Edge Media offers custom WordPress website development that reflects your brand and showcases your offering.  Having a well built website design that takes usability, functionality and search engine optimization is key to spreading the word about your business.  Researching and planning to have a custom website build completed does not mean your entire marketing budget will be spent.  At Effective Edge Media , we offer cost effective website development solutions starting at very reasonable prices.

Why custom WordPress website development?  Several reasons.

One reason, WordPress is extremely user friendly.  Once we develop and publish your new website, we hand the keys over to you.  (This doesn’t mean we leave you to learn it all on your own – don’t worry, we’ll help!)  The WordPress content management system (CMS) is very simple to operate.  Looking to add a new page to your website?  No sweat.  Click on “Add New” under “Pages”.  Want that same page added to your navigation?  No sweat again.  Just a click of a button or a drag and drop.  Want to swap out a photo?  Guess what, no sweat again.  The routine updates and maintenance to your website is simple.  We do offer higher level maintenance packages for those “other” more technical updates that may be needed down the road.

Second reason, WordPress is very SEO friendly.  Between SEO plugins (nifty little plug and play tools built into the WordPress structure) that allow for maximum flexibility in altering specific website elements, generally clean coding structure, simple URL structuring and other tools – WordPress sites get into the search rankings with ease.  We swear by WordPress when it comes to being one of the best options for a small to medium sized business website.

Third reason, WordPress builds can be as simple (or extravagant) as you want which helps keep them a very cost effective option.  With all of the functionality options that are accessible to being packaged with WordPress, we are able to offer custom website solutions for minimal costs.  Also, updates, even the more complex ones, can be accomplished fairly simply, resulting in a lower cost to you.

If you are interested in speaking with us more about our custom WordPress website solutions, please contact us today or call us at 862.881.0183.