Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Why is ranking on search engines so important? Because without them, your website is nearly invisible. 30 years ago, people went to the phone book to find “you”. Today, things are different. People go to the internet, pull up Google, type in a keyword.At that point, they look through the results and make a decision to check out a business, or not to.

Are you there? Did they find you? Hope so!

What Goes Into Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Everything. No, seriously. Everything. You need to consider everything about your website. There are two major components to SEO, and they are as follows:

On Page Optimizations

These are any and all “tasks” that are done on your site itself. Some items include:

  • Site architecture – Is it easy for the search engines to read your site? How much of your site is code? Etc.
  • Content – Is the content on your site relevant and keyword dense? Is your site entirely Flash and imagery?
  • Freshness – How often are you adding new content?
  • Meta / H Tags – Are all of your Meta and H tags in place with relevant content and keywords?
  • Alt Tags – Are all of your images tagged with Alt tags with relevant keywords?
  • Links and Anchor Text – How is your internal link structure? Are you linking deep into your site, within your site?
  • Bold, Italic, Underline – Are you using these character markups within your content?
  • Sitemap – Do you have one?
  • Webmaster Tools – Are you using it?
  • This list goes on… And on!

Off Page Optimizations

These are any and all “tasks” that are done off of your actual site, but will drive folks back to your page, thus, helping your SEO efforts. Some items include:

  • Backlinks/Linkbuilding – How many QUALITY sites are linking back to you? Are you reaching out for backlinks?
  • Inbound Anchor Text – How are you being linked to?
  • Directories – Are you in DMOZ? Yahoo? LookSmart? …Bueller??
  • Social Engagement – What’s your social cloud look like? Are you driving good traffic from social efforts?
  • And again, this list goes on… And on!

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