Display Marketing

With all of the different internet marketing options open to you, which option offers the widest reach for your brand? If you are looking for thousands, or millions, of eyes to see your ad all across the internet, Display marketing may be right for you. There are several options out there on a variety of pricing models – pay per click and the more traditional pay per thousand impression. What’s right for your brand?

If you are looking for a campaign that is focused on increasing general brand awareness and a more traditional media buy structure, Effective Edge Media has relationships with several ad networks and can create a tailored media buy that is fit for your brand.  Focused on results and reaching your target audience, we are able to be as broad, or as specific, as required for your goals. A more traditional media buy is based on a CPM, or cost per thousand impressions. What this means is that you are paying a set price every thousand times your ad is shown, regardless of clicks. This pricing ranges on several factors – your target market, target sites, industry, site positioning, etc.

If you have not tested display marketing for your brand, you may be looking to start small and you may be hesitant to pay on an impression basis. Effective Edge Media is also able to offer display marketing through a variety of cost per click (CPC) platforms.